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Marina Bay - Garden City by the Bay

Located at the Southern tip of Singapore, Marina Bay is a 360ha development designed to seamlessly extend Singapore's downtown district and further support the city-state's continuing growth as a major business and financial hub in Asia.

A greenfield site surrounded by water and gardens, Marina Bay provides an opportunity for further urban transformation, attracting new investments, visitors and talent, as well as becoming a new destination for the local community.

Marina Bay is envisioned as a 24/7, thriving and energetic place where people will live, work and play. It will usher in a new concept of city living that embraces all the opportunities and activities that the city has to offer.

Marina Bay will be a place for people from all walks of life to explore, exchange and entertain. There will be apartments set amidst lush greenery near Singapore's waterfront. The local community and visitors alike can enjoy the parks, waterfront promenade and attend the events and celebrations held at the Bay. State-of-the-art office space and transport infrastructure will provide seamless connectivity for companies and professionals to grow and exchange business ideas. It will be place with a loop of attractions and round-the-clock energy that continues during and outside office hours.

  Reclaimed from the sea from the 1970s to provide room for the long-term expansion of the city, Marina Bay is planned to seamlessly extend from the existing Central Business District (CBD) at Raffles Place. This long-term approach to planning allowed Singapore the unique competitive advantage of developing Marina Bay as a new growth area adjacent to the existing city centre.

The development parcels at Marina Bay will be based on an urban grid pattern and extended from the existing city grid network to ensure good connectivity. This grid framework has been developed to allow for the flexible amalgamation or subdivision of land parcels into plots of different sizes, including larger land parcels to cater for buildings with large floor plates to offer maximum flexibility and efficiency for financial institutions.

Sites in Marina Bay are zoned 'White site' to allow developers greater autonomy and flexibility in deciding the most appropriate mix of uses for each site, including housing, offices, shops, hotels, recreation facilities and community spaces. This increases the potential for mixed-use developments and encourages live-work-play communities.

  As one of Asia’s main air, sea and telecommunications hubs, Singapore has market access to some 2.8 billion people within a seven-hour flight radius. More than 7,000 multinational corporations choose Singapore as their operational point. Of them, around 60 percent house their regional functions in Singapore.

Singapore’s strength as one of Asia’s premier financial centres stems from its openness and transparency, a long-term sustainable vision for growth, and strong partnerships with the private sector.

Supporting the various thriving industries is a well-educated population with a passion for knowledge and learning. There is excellent tripartite relationship among union, employers and government. Singapore is also Asia’s most global and cosmopolitan city, with international talents making up almost a quarter of our population.

From our year-round summer, first-rate healthcare and education systems, to low crime rate, Singapore continually tops international rankings for world-class liveability.

With an exciting and vibrant blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture, Singapore is one of the best cities to live, work and play in.


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